"Provide superior professional services through the pooling of member's resources,
designed to promote self-sufficiency and First Nation control of services, at a pace
and form specifically determined by its member First Nations."

- Mission statement

Our History

The first recorded alliance of the Chippewa, Mississauga and Pottawatomi First Nations occurred in 1690 with the formation of the Council of Three Fires Confederacy. Since that time, they have often worked together by pooling their resources for the use and benefit of all.


Three hundred years later, in 1990, this cooperation was still evident in the formation of the Ogemawahj Tribal Council (OTC). It was created to provide superior professional and technical services to its member First Nations.


The highly skilled advisors at the OTC apply their expertise to the development, financing and management of specific projects. They assist First Nation staff in the planning and delivery of community-based initiatives.


To access any of the services provided by the Ogemawahj Tribal Council, please contact us directly – and/ or any affiliated First Nation Chief & Council or Administrator.

Our Region

Our Bulletin

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the new Ogemawahj Tribal Council website. The site has been redesigned and relaunched to better represent the OTC’s Six Member First Nations and services offered. Any feedback in regards to the new look is greatly appreciated and can be forwarded to Hollie Assance admin@ogemawahj.on.ca

Our Members