Maamawi, minonakiiwin ga zhitoomin ji shkewziyaang wii Ogimaakangeying, nakeying enenjgewaat edbendaagzijig.

Promoting Self-Sufficiency Among Our Members
Serving our First Nation communities since 1990.

We work closely with the Financial Management Advisor to keep OTC operations and expenditures within budget, policy, and funding levels. Provide accurate reports to the Board of Directors. Ensure compliance with all OTC policies by staff and maintain effective internal communication processes. Manage OTC's equipment, inventory, and IT resources efficiently. Set performance measurements and regularly evaluate staff performance.


The OTC Finance team is responsible for all operational activities including payment, payroll and receivable processing, internal control management, the administration of staff pension and benefit programs and financial reporting for the operational activities and program services. The Finance Department strives to be a fiscal role model for member First Nations and, in so doing, works to establish and maintain current accounting, auditing and reporting standards


Additionally, financial management support and guidance is available to member First Nations. This support involves a focus on financial planning, reporting, management and system development training and advising. This includes such areas as, capital financing and liaising with various financial institutions and funding agencies as well as assisting with the formulation, drafting and implementation of financial policies, financing. The OTC may also provide member communities with guidance through remedial management and repayment plans and tender development for services including Banking, Insurance and Audit.


In terms of financial development, the OTC also assists with community initiatives such as the development and implementation of corporate entities, partnerships and other profit or not-for profit enterprises. The OTC also supports economic development functions, such as the creation or review of business plans.



Planning &

  • Provide support to Board of Directors and OTC personnel in meeting the service delivery needs of the member First Nations; 
  • Provide strong direction to the development and coordination of the OTC in order to ensure solid growth and community support; 
  • Establish marketing strategies to promote OTC services; 
  • Assist the Board of Directors with strategic and operational   planning processes for the OTC; 
  • Responsible for all the assets, the human and financial resources of the OTC and for the efficient and effective direction and administration of those resources; 


  • Financial Planning, Reporting and System development training & advising
  • Financial Management support & guidance
  • Capital financing & liaising with various financial institutions and funding agencies
  • Assisting with the formulation, drafting and implementation of financial policies, debt consolidation and financing in general
  • Guidance through remedial management and repayment plans
  • Tender development for services including Banking, Insurance and Audit
  • Assist with community initiatives such as the development and implementation of corporate entities, partnerships and other for profit and not-for-profit enterprise
  • Assist with Economic Development functions including the development and/or review of business plans.


  • Liaise with other First Nation and Aboriginal organizations to ensure mutual understanding, partnership building, and ongoing networking relationships to enhance OTC service delivery to its member First Nations; 
  • Keep updated and liaise with various agencies on self-government; 
  • Liaise with member First Nations leadership and/or First Nation representatives to ensure accurate communication and information is properly disseminated; 
  • Liaise with OTC Boards, committees and staff to support the goals and objectives of the OTC; 
  • Liaise with Federal, Provincial and private administrative and governmental agencies relating to the administrative and financial interests of the OTC and its member First Nations. 
  • Attend information meetings, workshops, and conferences on relevant topics. 

Department Contact

Mary McCue-King

Executive Director

[email protected]
Office: 705-329-2511 ext. 206

Mary joined the OTC team in July 2018 after finishing up a 2 year term as Chief of her home community of Chimnissing, also known as Beausoleil First Nation.

Mary brings extensive experience to the OTC and has worked in various senior level positions in finance and administration at the local First Nation and regional organizational levels over the last 14 years.

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She has successfully studied Business Administration and Accounting at Georgian College and Laurentian University.  Her political background as Chief has suited her well for the position of Executive Director of OTC, bringing with her extensive knowledge in the area of First Nation governance and politics as well as a sound financial management background.

In her time out of the office, Mary enjoys spending time with her partner, children and grandchildren , together they enjoy hiking, travelling, shopping for vintage, cooking, and interior decorating.

Sherry Garcia

Administrative Assistant

[email protected]
Office: 705-329-2511 ext. 200

Sherry Garcia has been working as the Administrative Assistant for the Tribal Council since October 2018. 

Sherry is a member of the Chippewas of Rama. Sherry was employed with the Chippewas of Rama for 17 years in both Social Services and the Education Department. Sherry then left the community to move to Texas where she remained for ten years.  

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In her role as Administrative Assistant Sherry works at keeping the office operations organized, efficient, and smooth. Day to day, Sherry provides administrative support, which includes directing phone calls, juggling schedules, making travel arrangements, managing office supplies, and whatever else it takes to help the team be more productive. 


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