Maamawi, minonakiiwin ga zhitoomin ji shkewziyaang wii Ogimaakangeying, nakeying enenjgewaat edbendaagzijig.

Promoting Self-Sufficiency Among Our Members
Serving our First Nation communities since 1990.

The Ogemawahj Tribal Council (OTC) provides guidance, assistance, and advocacy for its member communities in relation to community infrastructure, planning and development. This includes advising and assisting member communities with housing inspections, building code inspections, inspection reports, tendering processes for First Nation capital projects, technical input in relation to bylaws, and annual reporting to infrastructure and community developments.


The OTC provides such guidance and assistance with an overarching focus on meeting the needs and goals of each First Nation community. The OTC also works in conjunction with  member communities to coordinate relevant training and workshops for First Nation technical staff.

Responsible for managing and providing enhanced technical services including: housing inspections and plans reviews, advisory services for Minor Capital planning and budgeting, non-professional aspects of Major Capital projects and various Operation & Maintenance related duties including Integrated Capital Management System (ICMS) reporting and the planning and development of a Maintenance Management Program, as well as provide advice regarding the utilization of training resources. 

OTC Infrastructure Team


Infrastructure Inspection

Building Inspection Services

  • Provide inspection service for the various on-reserve housing projects/programs.  (RRAP, Section 95, Renovations, CEAP, etc.)
  • To complete inspections which aim to provide building code equivalent function through a systematic approach for new or renovated houses or buildings falling within Part 9 of the OBC
  • RRAP Inspections - Provide estimates for repairs and work descriptions
  • Conditional Assessments - Generate reports and follow up with recommended work to ensure completeness

Water & Wastewater

  • Assisting in the completion of the Annual Physical Inspections 
  • Coordinating the administration and distribution of the Water / Waste Water Operator Training Funds from Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)

Oher Advisory Services

  • Provide building advice  and construction resources  to promote better building practices  and capacity for First Nation personnel
  • Assist in the completion of First Nation reporting  relating to  housing, capital and infrastructure 
  • Assist in the development of community housing policies 
  • Provide capacity building opportunities and training related to First Nation housing and community development 
  • Work in coordination with TC Engineer on First Nation project development

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Infrastructure Specialist

We are actively looking to fill this role.

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