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OTC Goes Bowling!

OTC Goes Bowling!

Posted on Apr 22, 2016

On Saturday, April 9 OTC hosted its 5th Annual Bowling Tournament. There were 15 teams in all, including teams from OTC communities and teams from our partners in business. It was such a day of fun and there was a lot of skill out there on the floor. OTC’s Jennifer Shaw meticulously kept track of the stats and our Engineer, Aaron Generoux, was our amazing emcee for the day. Thank you to all who sponsored us and to all teams for their outstanding efforts that day.

The Results

First Place Team: MDP’s MVPs (pictured)

Second Place Team: Alderville Pindians

Third Place Team: The Incredi-bowls

Best Team Name: Dolls with Balls

Best Costume: The Bowling Dead

High Triple (Female): Yvonne Jenkins (score of 504)

High Triple (Male): Urgel Jenkins (score 616)

High Single (Female): Rhonda Irons (score 185)

High Single (Male): Urgel Jenkins (score 234)

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