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Housing has to Meet the Needs of the Occupant

Housing has to Meet the Needs of the Occupant

Posted on Mar 2, 2018

“I’m an inspector for all six (Ogemawahj Tribal Council) communities, so I go in and inspect various housing programs, new builds, renovation projects,” says Jackie Hall, infrastructure specialist with Ogemawahj Tribal Council. “What I presented on (at the conference) is the concept of how we need to adapt the way we build our homes so we can meet the different needs of the community. Obviously it’s the housing managers in each housing department that have to start considering a different way of looking at their housing developments and varying their housing portfolio, but what I was doing was trying to bring to the forefront and highlight how we need to change the way we build some of our houses to ensure all aspects and all people of our community are housed properly.”

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