Maamawi, minonakiiwin ga zhitoomin ji shkewziyaang wii Ogimaakangeying, nakeying enenjgewaat edbendaagzijig.

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Jobs with Scugog First Nation

Operations Manager

We are looking for an Operations Manager whose passion and drive align with our pursuit of excellence. Don’t let the title fool you, we are looking for a leader; someone who will embrace our culture and sense of community; someone that understands that success is predicated on “fit” as much as technical prowess.... Read More

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Community Consultation Specialist (Open until Filled)

DUTIES: Under the direction of the First Nation Manager and Council, the Community Consultation Specialist (CCS) will implement MSIFN’s Community Consultation Protocol that guides requests for consultation with MSIFN. The CCS will develop and implement a comprehensive MSIFN Consultation Policy related to on and off reserve lands. Consultations with MSIFN will also be guided by the implementation of the Williams Treaties settlement, and the protection of the boundaries and constitutionally protected rights to harvest.... Read More

Key activities:

Capacity Building: Research, Self- Study, and Community Information Exchange

• Research and review the evolution of the legal Duty of Consultation for Aboriginal people and engage in ongoing professional development/technical training appropriate to the position.

• Liaise with Scugog, Durham and other municipal planners to research and review obligations under the Planning Act for Ontario as it relates to MSIFN.

• Complete a critical review of the Scugog Township Official Plan and Durham Region Growth Plan to understand any limitations on how MSIFN plans to proceed with consultation.

• Research and review the Lands Management Act and related legislation, and other local area First Nation consultation procedures that may exist in accordance with traditional and local laws concerning land and resource development.


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Lands Officer – Full Time Permanent (Open Until Filled)

DUTIES: Lands Administration • Administer the MSIFN Land Code, related laws, policies and procedures to regulate land use and to obtain the highest benefit of land use for MSIFN citizens. • Recommend amendments to the MSIFN Land Code as necessary. • Ensure administrative measures and controls are developed to meet the requirements of MSIFN by monitoring and evaluating the efficiency of services. • Develop and maintain a registry of MSIFN Land Laws. ... Read More

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Water/Wastewater Operator (Open until Filled)

OVERVIEW MSIFN is currently seeking a team-oriented MOECC-Licensed Water/Wastewater Operators to join its Crossfunctional Utility Team for the operation of its water and wastewater systems. The Cross-functional Team will monitor, operate, and maintain the water and wastewater treatment plants; and the water distribution and wastewater collection systems at performance levels that meet regulatory standards in Ontario. They will provide reliable uninterrupted water and wastewater services to the MSIFN community with the assistance of Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) and a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). ... Read More


• Monitor, control, and respond to alarms for the water treatment plants and the water distribution and wastewater collection system using SCADA Systems. • Conduct routine onsite security checks of the treatment plant and surrounding structures, operational review of the treatment processes, chemical feed systems, pumping systems, interpreting readouts on onsite meters, analysers, and other monitoring devices. Make adjustments to optimize the water and wastewater treatment processes and record process and equipment performance

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Communications Officer (Open until Filled)

The Communications Officer shall develop and implement internal and external communication, awareness, and education strategies, including building, maintaining, and enhancing the positive reputation and public awareness of the Mississaugas of Scugog Island First Nation (MSIFN) community and workplace, while informing MSIFN Members, Employees, Businesses, Partners, Agencies and the broader public on the MSIFN’s progress, goals and vision. The strategy will target the public at large for support on First Nation issues and further report on the activities and progress on mandates provided for By Council. This position will also analyze communication/engagement needs and develop appropriate promotion and marketing plans, publicize activities and events and maintain media relations on behalf of the MSIFN Council and Community.... Read More

Key Activities

• Collaborate with Council and Management to develop and implement an effective communications strategy based on target audiences.

• Plan, develop, lead, implement and evaluate communications and public education strategies, campaigns, and programs designed to inform MSIFN Members and Community Members, employees and the general public of initiatives and policies of businesses, governments, and other organizations, appropriate for print or electronic media, to support the workplace, community and MSIFN at large

• Write, edit, and distribute content, including publications, press releases, website content, annual reports, speeches, and other marketing material that communicates the organization's activities, products and/or services.

• Gather, research, prepare and coordinate for internal and external audiences, brochures, reports, newsletters, media/press advisories & releases, backgrounders reports, briefing notes, bibliographies, speeches, presentations, public service announcements, web site content and other communications materials for approval

• Develop, implement, and maintain a consistent brand/image for all organizational documents, reports, laws, governance documents, newsletters, printing, signage, displays, promotions, advertising, communication, and events

• Develop and organize news conferences, workshops, meetings, ceremonies in consultation with Cultural Coordinator, community engagement sessions, fundraising events, information sessions and other events for education, special publicity events and promotions for internal and external audiences to increase awareness of MSIFNs operations • Monitor media coverage on First Nation issues and advise the Council on issues that may benefit or impact First Nations

• Assess characteristics of MSIFN programs and/or services in consultation with respective Departments on what should be promoted/communicated and advise on the related communication needs of MSIFN • Conduct surveys as requested by Council to identify the interests and concerns of key groups served by MSIFN

• Initiate and maintain contact with the media as directed by Council • Engage, contact, and interact with users on forums via social media sites such as twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. to promote and create awareness of MSIFN

• Facilitate the update of the MSIFN website/member portal, through consultations with the IT Administrator, Managers, website developers, and related committees • Manage, update, and enhance the MSIFN website in consultation with Council and It Administrator • Liaise with Managers towards improving communications within and between their departments • Vet and submit communications to Council for and approval attending/recording/publishing community events and meetings in addition to Executive Assistant • Editing video recordings

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Drinking Water Internship

6 positions available for the following First Nations: • Alderville • Moose Deer Point • Scugog Island... Read More

Job Description:
• Interns will receive technical, hands-on training in a number of areas to gain transferable skills related to water quality
• The internship includes hands-on workshops, 15 months of paid internship work experience, and the ability to obtain an Operator-in-Training (OIT) Certificate, Entry Level Certification for Drinking Water Operators (ELC), Water Quality Analyst (WQA) Certificate and more
• Interns will work in the local Water Treatment Plants assisting the Plant Operators, as well as conduct environmental water quality monitoring in the community
• Additional supports including travel and phone allowance, training accommodations and limited child care support is available for qualified candidates
• Women are water-keepers and are encouraged to apply

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