Targeted Wage Subsidy Program

Posted on April 26, 2017

Chigamik is a non-profit community –governed primary health care organization providing a combination of primary care, health promotion programs and community development initiatives that are culturally relevant, and holistic.

Chigamik Community Health Centre in Midland hired a Beausoleil community member as an Indigenous Registered Practical Nurse.

Summary of the training was to have Ryan gain experience as a registered practical nurse while working with different health care professionals at Chigamik Community Health Centre. This included being part of the outreach services in the community for indigenous people as well as foster relationships for our youth and adults offering unique cultural clinic at Chigamik.

Ryan stated that mental health among many other aspects of health greatly affect many indigenous people and he wants to make a difference by providing excellent health care.

Successful completion of the program with excellent results of Ryan being hired t Beausoleil First Nation as a registered practical nurse.

Ryan St. Amant and Supervisor Mona Loones at Chigamik Community Health Centre


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