Excellent Turnout for OTC meetings and AGM

Posted on October 5, 2016

We just hosted our 26th Annual General Meeting and other OTC meetings on September 21st and 22nd in Toronto. There was an excellent turnout, including our Elders’ Council, our full Board of Directors, members of the Management Advisory Committee, the Education Advisory Committee, the Ogemawahj Tribal Training and Economic Resources Board, as well as members of the Councils of our communities, and guests.


Each of our meetings was opened by the words of an Elder. Their presence and their words guide us in our thoughts and decisions. They remind us that we can learn together and that we must remain respectful of one another.


This year we also held a strategic planning session to start off the series of meetings. We explored some of the main areas of interest and focus in our communities – one of those being language and culture. Honouring and protecting our language and culture is something we feel strongly about as Anishinaabe people. We put our heads together and talked about some of the strategies that we could build on together as we move forward. We want to ensure that the next generations carry on our language and our ways.


Other areas of focus included building partnerships, communications and marketing, and building our own knowledge and skills. Next, we will be working on fleshing out some of these ideas and continuing to work together with our communities and our partners.


Chief Mary McCue-King, Chief Donna Big Canoe & Chief Kelly LaRocca


Elections for executive positions on our Board of Directors were also held at this year’s AGM. Congratulations to newly elected Chairperson Chief Donna Big Canoe, Vice-Chair Chief Kelly LaRocca, and Secretary-Treasurer Chief Mary McCue-King.


OTC staff worked hard to ensure all meetings, materials, and meals were organized and ran smoothly. Everyone pitched in beyond their regular work responsibilities and helped make these days a great success. Miigwetch, team – your amazing positive outlook and great collaboration is so appreciated!


And so, we go forward. What a great gathering! Looking forward to the 27th!

Prepared by E.D. Elizabeth Bigwin

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