The role of the Ogemawahj Tribal Council (OTC) is multifaceted, spanning across several different areas of education programming, development, policy creation and advocacy.

The specific areas include:

Professional Development

OTC works with First Nation schools developing PLC sessions, in addition to assisting with Capacity Development Sessions for Education Committees and staff.

Policy Development

The OTC supports member communities by serving on subcommittees to research and assist in Education Policy Development.

Special Education Services

To support students with special educational needs, the OTC acts a liaison for parents with school boards and other agencies. The council also assists with Special Education programs and in-school committees.

Advocacy and Partnerships

Memberships are maintained on local, provincial and national committees and working groups in order to provide First Nations with current information. The OTC also engages with Post Secondary Institutions, Aboriginal Education Councils and School Board Aboriginal Advisory Councils.

Education Program Development

The OTC also focuses on assisting local school boards to develop quality educational programming for community members. To achieve this goal, the OTC supports such programs as Ojibwe language projects and advocates for the development of Ojibwe language courses.

Professional Development

OTC works to assist member communities with to assist with Capacity Development Sessions for Education Committees and education staff.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning involves facilitating and assisting with Community Education Planning and School Success planning in order to build a strong educational network for member communities.

The role of the OTC also involves supporting First Nations in negotiations, and preparing education service agreements with local school boards. The OTC also facilitates workshops for education staff concerning education service contracts and tuition agreements.

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Education Program/Project Coordinator

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